The Ford F-150 is designed with tough features to get the job done. It boasts a high-strength steel frame and a military-grade alloy body. The F-150 is the only truck in its class with this body design. A special heat-treating method is used to harden the aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy can be thickened in specific areas for maximum strength without compromising weight. The material offers outstanding payload and tow ratings and an increased power-to-weight ratio. It is also resistant to dents.

The F-150 was built tough to surpass all of your expectations. It was torture tested in some of the most grueling conditions that you can imagine. The F-150 was tested between 40 and 120 degrees. During testing, it towed extremely heavy loads up steep inclines and treacherous terrain. J. Wilderman Autoplex serving Mount Carmel can give you full details of the F-150's tough features.

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